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What is Generic Viagra?

"John walker" (2017-08-08)

Most of the Brand name drugs have their generic version which holds similar ingredient. And Generic Viagra is one of them which contains sildenafil and used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Brand name of generic Viagra drug is Viagra and also available after the prescription from the professional doctor. It is considered as a safe drug which is proven as an effective treatment of male impotence. It is most searchable generic drug on the internet in the US.

Why Men Seeking Generic Version?

The cost of Viagra drug is very high which is only manufactured by the Pfizer. But generic Viagra 100mg is not as costly like its brand. This is the main reason that Men in the US are giving more importance to generic Viagra for the treatment of Impotence. There are lots of similarities between Viagra and its generic version like both contains sildenafil citrate and results are also same both of the drugs.

Side effects of Generic Version of Sildenafil

Like Viagra, its generic version is also safe to use but never miss out the suggestion from a professional physician. Call your physician if you experience serious side effects after the intake of the drug like sudden vision loss, hearing loss, chest pain and irregular heart beat. You can read more about the erectile dysfunction and its treatment with generic Viagra on the internet. Millions of men in the US are only buying Viagra’s generic version to get rid over the erectile dysfunction.

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Re: What is Generic Viagra?

by clay mores (2018-08-02)

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