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Lifestyle for healthy sperm

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Many couples expect the baby to focus on the intensity of sex activity. But sperm health problems are often forgotten.

Healthy sperm is very important to determine your partner's fertility. Sperm health is highly determined quantity and quality.

Recognize the characteristics of healthy sperm

• Quantity
One characteristic of healthy sperm is if the amount reaches 20 million per milliliter of semen (semen). Of the 1 million sperm, only about 200 can reach the egg in the womb. And only one winner can fertilize the egg.

• Quality
The quality of sperm can be seen from the shape and movement. Good sperm form is an oval or oval head with a long tail and pointed tip.

Which is not abnormal shape, for example, small-headed, flat or short-tailed is not healthy. If the shape is not normal, sperm will not be able to enter the uterus and fertilization.

The motion of sperm to reach the egg cell indicates its quality. Good sperm swim forward straight and fast. While unhealthy sperm move slowly and not directed. The sperm will not reach the egg, and will even come out from the vagina with cement.

How to get healthy sperm?

Naturopath Tracy Wolf from Tracy Wolf Health Sidney, Australia revealed, nutrition is the most important element in the production of healthy sperm and quality. Like the body, the sperm needs a variety of nutrients to improve its health.

What are the nutrients needed to improve sperm quality?

• Zinc

Shellfish are often touted as aphrodisiac food, or foodstuffs for sexual arousal. The key turned out to be on the content of zinc in the shell. These minerals are indispensable for healthy sperm production. Other ingredients that are the main sources of zinc are ginger, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds.

• Selenium

Selenium is an antioxidant substance. Selenium protects the DNA and nervous system, preventing sperm from being damaged. As many as 40% of sperm damage occurs due to the influence of free radicals. By protecting sperm from free radicals, sperm health can be more awake.

• Vitamin B complex

Men need vitamin B complex to improve the body's physical and mental function. Vitamin B6 and B2 play an important role in the production of sex hormones in men.


The influence of a man's lifestyle can also interfere with sperm health. There are some things your partner should avoid in order not to damage the quality of sperm.
- Avoid cigarette consumption to reduce nicotine and free radical effects that reduce sperm fertility.
- Avoid drinking alcohol that can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm.
- Avoid hot temperatures such as hot baths or steam baths (saunas). Overheating conditions will kill sperm cells
- Do not use too tight pants because it will make the male genitals depressed and hot.
- Keep genital condition Regularly splash the testicles with cold water
- Keep your diet and fitness to avoid being overweight.
- Avoid stress and depression that interfere with sperm production

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