: Writing and reviewing for SHS

We are actively seeking new authors to contribute to both the journal and SHS blog. We look for articles and comment pieces that meet one or more of the following criteria:
•     Promote greater understanding of health systems in all contexts
•     Highlight interventions that work and those that do not
•     Identify lessons that future policy makers and programme designers can learn from, and
•     Highlight knowledge gaps that will refine the health system research agenda.

SHS is committed to addressing the 5/95 publications gap - a term coined by the WHO-based Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research to describe the imbalance between the proportions of health systems publications about developing countries compared to developed countries, and related to the Global Forum for Health Research’s 10/90 health research gap (describing the statistic that only 10% of the world’s health research expenditure is spent on diseases that contribute to 90% of the global health burden). As such, we have pledged to maintain a perpetual policy of NO AUTHOR FEES and OPEN-ACCESS publication of all our content, and are able to do so thanks to generous funding from the United States Department for International Development and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, through an award to the Foundation for Professional Development in South Africa.

Please refer to the links provided here for the journal’s guidelines for writing and reviewing. Please send your pre-submission enquiries to  SHS@hmpg.co.za. Online submissions of complete papers can be done at www.shsjournal.org. If you would like to join the debate by contributing to the SHS blog, or would like more information about the journal and its aims, please contact Hannah Kikaya, the Editor, at hannah.kikaya@hmpg.co.za

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